The Power Of Good Fighting Technique

Effective and efficient fighting techniques allows you to get the same job with less energy and effort. This is why proper technique is so important! It doesn’t matter how amazing of an athlete you are; your physicality is useless if you don’t know how to apply it into fighting movements.

Good fighting technique allows you to hit harder, faster, and more precisely. Good defensive technique allows you to evade swiftly without compromising your position. Good movement allows you to glide effortless across the canvas in and out of range as you please.

Study the best fighters and you’ll see that good fighting technique can do all the work for you. You don’t need to be a 200lb hulk if you know how to use all 160lbs of your middleweight frame. Some few months ago I just ready an article which says kyokushin karate is for big(huge) people, I 100% disagree with it. Even if you are big, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to endure all the incoming low kicks and punches. Being strong doesn’t mean you’ll know how to roll between a combination and knock down your opponent with that wheel kick or maybe Jordan mawashi.

Have you ever seen an experienced fighter knock down a stronger, more physically fit and able-bodied opponent? A good example is Shihan Andy Hug or Kancho kenji Midori And These experienced fighter does it all without even trying! That my friend, is the magic of a good technique. Power and leverage and all the benefits of physicality…without having to use so much effort.

The highest levels of martial arts can only be reached with a good technique.

At some level of martial arts, it’s impossible to reach without technique. And this is part of why martial arts is so beautiful: as raw and as brutal as it is, it can reach a level where the genius of the mind expresses itself. Never before have you seen the physicality of the body expressing the mind in such a beautiful way. Some would say this is the martial way.