Shihan Simba Mangaba

SIMBA KIZITO MANGABA is the Chief Executive Officer of the Divine Fitness Style Organisation(DFS),and he is a professionally qualified fitness Instructor, Defence-Tactics Instructor, and Life-Coach, who has attained a wide experience at International level in the fields of Physical Education, Defence-Tactics of Martial-Arts, life skills and Sports Medicine, trained and graded at the World International School of Tradition Martial-Arts Federation in Nishikwaguchi in Tokyo Japan and graduate at the Semmelweis University in Budapest.

Simba is currently rated 7th dan Degree black belt Master in Martial-Arts by World Karate Federation(WKF),graduate of 7th Degree black belt in full-Contact(Knock-down karate) of Kyokushin kenbukaikan international by International Karate Organization(IKO)Honbu HQ Japan, 3rd Degree black belt in Shotokan karate by Japan Karate Association(JKA),1st Degree black belt in Ashihara karate, holder of Sport Science Degree, Diploma in Physical Education, Certificate in Fitness & Nutrition and Certificate in Leadership by Horizons Christian Church in Las Vegas, USA.along with this he held various training workshops in fields of Team Building, Communication, Defence-Tactics and Employee Wellness. He gained extensive insight into motivating teams and addressing issues of Conflict, Stress and Communication within Organizations.