Martial Arts visible "Pressure Points"

Sensei greg maluma

While there is no such thing as a “pressure point” as depicted in the movies, there are certainly plenty of sensitive parts on the body that you can use to your advantage when you’re being attacked. Striking a vulnerable area on your opponent’s body can turn a fight in your favor by knocking them down, disarming them, or helping you gain control of their body. Major targets on your opponent’s body include the eyes, neck, knee, groin, and gut. Only hit an opponent in one of their sensitive areas if you’re being actively attacked, as hitting or kicking a vulnerable area can cause permanent damage and may even lead to death.

1)The Temple

The temple is so sensitive because it’s the point where 4 different bones in the skull fuse together. It’s especially dangerous to hit this area though, because the bone structure is weaker than other parts of the skull. Using an open palm can reduce the odds that you kill someone when doing this.

Warning: You can kill someone by striking the temple too hard or by puncturing it with an object. Only strike an opponent’s temple as a last resort to preserve your own safety.

2)The eyes

Gouge an attacker’s eyes to subdue them and restrict vision.

  • if you keep applying pressure to your opponent’s eyes after striking them, you could damage their optical nerves and permanently blind them.

  • This is a good way to get away from someone if they’re attacking you. They can’t chase you if they can’t see where they’re going.


Punch or chop the side of the neck to make your opponent dizzy. Hitting this location hard will disrupt your opponent’s oxygen supply and cause them to become dizzy.

  • This is the same set of arteries that you can restrict to perform a sleeper hold.

  • If you damage this artery, your opponent could die.

  • If you can’t reach the side of your opponent’s neck, striking them in the middle of their throat will make it difficult for them to breathe and will throw them off-balance

4) Groins

Strike the groin to quickly drop an attacker. The groin is a highly-sensitive area on the human body.

  • Your opponent will have trouble standing up after this, as attacks to the groin usually cause a fair bit of nausea.

5) knee

Kick the back or side of the knee to drop your opponent. When you’re in striking distance, lift your foot and aim the heel of your shoe at your opponent’s knee.

  • This is an excellent option if you’re grappling your opponent and your arms are busy


Grip your opponent’s wrist and bend it to disarm them. If your attacker is holding a weapon or an object, reach out to grab the front of their hand with your dominant hand, and the side of their wrist with your nondominant hand.

  • With their wrist still held tight, you can pull their arm behind them to execute a wrist twist, which will allow you to subdue your opponent.

  • You can break someone’s wrist by doing this