Conditioning for fighting – 4 effective tips

By Greg maluma

There are many people and fighters who love to have a more conditioned body for Fighting. If your lungs and respiratory system can have slightly more capacity and face more resistance, it can make a huge difference during sparring, match. A while ago I decided to write an article about the topic and while I was doing a research, I saw great articles however these have some really important missing points and methods. And in this writing, you can find them and some tips which you have never heard of!

1. Do Classic Conditioning Exercises

Heavy bags exist for decades. So is jumping rope, running, speed bag and many other exercise types. Because these work just fine. So before you get into any fancy stuff, make sure that you can do these exercises with different techniques (punching a speed bag with right-right-left-left, triplet rhythm etc.) at a high intensity. Basics are just essential for fighters.

2. Plyometrics (Medicine Ball, Battle rope, burpees…) In the ring, you need to use your muscles in an efficient way. Your body, heart, lungs need to have endurance while you are using strength and exerting a great amount of energy at the same time. And these are the reasons why plyometrics became insanely popular since many plyometric exercises provide these at the same time.

3. Interval Training After all, you don’t improve your conditioning for a long-distance running. You need to go hard for 5 minutes in the ring or sparring. So do all of your Fighting conditioning exercises in a certain time interval and always push yourself! You can do sessions which last 5 minutes. As you may know, punching bag, battle rope, speed bag, mitt drills are just perfect for it.

4. Outdoor Workouts Constantly changing environment increases variation and challenges your body and lungs more. While you are running, working out… this provides more intensity. These improve your cardiovascular endurance so definitely do at least some of your sessions outdoors.