Guide To Learning Martial Arts At Home

1. Choose Your Style

When it comes to learning martial arts at home I personally favor striking arts.

This is because you can make great progress with a heavy bag. But for more grappling focused martial arts, partner work is a must.

2. Find Quality Free Online Learning Resources

This will take quite a bit of researching and reading reviews and testimonials.

As well as watching a lot of videos by different instructors to see which style you like and which instructor you want to learn from.

But learning martial arts at home for free you also have the option to learn from different instructors and masters who put their stuff online for free.

3. Set Up Your Training Space

Ok so now you know what martial art and you have some learning resources the net step is your training area and some gear.

You don't really need much space.

Enough to shadow box or perform kata, stretching and warm up exercises such as foam rolling.

4. Make a Training Schedule and Stick with It

Three times a week is probably the minimum to keep improving. That is quality training which can be achieved solo at home.

5. Make Your Workouts

Without some sort of structure most likely you will flounder around and not achieve much.

Especially training solo at home.

So you need some sort of structure for each workout.

This is where a paid program can come in handy. But there are also free resources for structured learning.

Either way you need a plan to follow or your results could suffer.

To find a great training and workout plan for free is not easy.

6. Join an Online Community

There are many online communities you can join for free with like minded martial artists of your same style.

These can be valuable places to learn from more experienced practitioners for free and safely online.

7. Plan to Spend a Little Money in the Future

This will only enhance your learning experience and passion for martial arts.

Whether it be travel to attend a live seminar, or paying for an online product or subscription online learning resources cost money because they take time and effort as well as experience to produce high quality work.

Traveling out of town or to another country in the future could be one option if you plan and budget for it. This way you can learn from great teachers and further your knowledge even more.

Learn Martial Arts Online Free at Home Final Thoughts

The main aim of this post is to encourage anyone who is interested in martial arts to get started at home for free.

There are many reasons why it can be difficult to attend classes whether it be:

  • location

  • cost

  • apprehension

In these cases it is perfectly fine to start training martial arts at home using free resources online.