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Gregson Maluma also known as Greg Maluma, (born May 5, 1998) is a Zambian Kyokushin karateka, Kickboxer and a mixed martial artist. He did his secondary school at Chongwe Boys school, Chongwe town, Lusaka Province.| He is one of only a handful few Zambian karateka's. Greg is the second youngster from the Family of five, he picked combative techniques as a vocation part from a youthful age as he was motivated by the film "King of the kickboxers". He mentioned actor sensation and Martial artist Michael jai white as his idol.

Martial arts career

Gregson Maluma started his martial arts journey in  Kyokushin-kan at the age of 14, in chongwe under Sensei Sidney njala and  He earned  his black belt after 4 years of blood and sweat, becoming one of the youngest black belts in Zambia. He made his professional K-1 fighting debut on September 27, 2019 at the Desert storm 3 and won a gold medal. 


After going through a rough childhood of being bullied, Maluma got his first martial arts inspiration from the movie called the King of the kickboxers and he was later encouraged to go further in martial arts by his Mom and friends so that he doesn't start drinking alcohol. Greg maluma further mentions actor and martial artist Michael Jai White as his super hero and idol.

Titles and accomplishments

  • Kickboxing

  •  desert storm 3 champion

  • Kyokushin

    • 2014  Japanese ambassadors karate tournament[8]

    • 2015  Zambian kyokushin open(international school)

    • 2016  Japanese ambassadors karate tournament

    • 2016  Kyokushin Open Lusaka

    • 2017 appearance 1st So-Kyokushin world tournament

    • 2018  Japanese ambassadors karate tournament

    • 2019  2nd All Africa kyokushin karate Namibia

    • 2019  Zambian Open

    • 2019  Japanese ambassadors karate tournament

    • 2020  3rd All Africa Kyokushin Namibia (kickboxing)

    • 2020  Kyokushin international friendly

  • In 2020 Greg maluma graded to 3rd Dan black belt.



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Kyokushin Karate Zambia

Diploma in Agricultural engineering

  • water engineering

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  • Economics

3rd Degree black belt.

  • leadership skills

  • conflict resolution

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