MMA fighter shot dead by police after a violent bar fight.


MMA fighter shot dead by police after violent bar fight  Image: Mauro Chaulet Shutterstock.com

Professional MMA fighter Mauro Chaulet from Brazil has been shot dead by the military police after he reportedly had an altercation at a bar  

MMA fighter Mauro Chaulet has been killed after he was shot dead by a police officer, following an altercation at a bar.  

According to SportsKeeda, the incident happened in Porto Alegre in Brazil around midnight, after a female companion of the 34-year-old became involved in an argument with another woman, who was accompanied by a military police officer. 

The officer was reportedly off duty at the time and the incident got aggravated further after a gun was pulled out by him at the Aum Bar in the Floresta neighbourhood.  

As per the local media, Chaulet shot the officer in the groin, after he disarmed him and was then shot himself in the back, while his female companion was shot in the stomach twice.  

Chaulet then reportedly tried to drive away from the scene and was then chased by the police.  

He was then shot dead at the scene after his car crashed into another vehicle at Rua Almirante Barroso.  

Both the military police officer and Chaulet´s companion were rushed to the hospital and are now out of danger.  

A statement of the police officer who chased Chaulet said that the MMA fighter had opened fire first.

However, the woman who accompanied him, said that the police officer who chased Chaulet, shot him, as soon as his car crashed. 

She also claims that Chaulet was unarmed at the time.  

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