Jake Paul proposes PFL and UFC crossover fight card with four main events

YouTube star Jake Paul signed for MMA promotion PFL earlier this year in a bid to make his cage debut, and has vowed to make a huge crossover series with the UFC including new signing Francis Ngannou

Jake Paul has proposed a four-fight crossover card with PFL and UFC including Francis Ngannou's heavyweight clash with Jon Jones.

YouTube star Paul has been playing the promoter since launching his career in the boxing ring, but has also now signed a lucrative deal with MMA promotion PFL, who are considered big rivals to leading promotion UFC. It is understood he intends to make his debut in the cage next year, once he has fought veteran Nate Diaz in their boxing fight on August 5.

Paul recently played a pivotal role in talks to convince ex-UFC heavyweight champion Ngannou to join the PFL, with the move made official this week. And in a social media post proposing a huge fight series, Paul involved Ngannou, tweeting: "Or let’s have PFL and UFC work together and put on a massive event on ESPN.

"Ngannou vs [Jon] Jones, [Amanda] Nunes vs [Kayla] Harrison, [Leon] Edwards vs [Cedric] Doumbe and of course Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul after I knock his a** out in boxing. Francis, Kayla, Cedric you in?" Ngannou looked set to fight Jones throughout his time in the UFC, but a fight failed to materialize after he was left unable to accept the contracted terms.

A potential clash between Amanda Nunes and Kayla Harrison has always been touted but the promoters are unlikely to work together despite the interest a fight would bring. Cedric Doumbe recently signed with the PFL, but is unlikely to be thrust into a huge clash against UFC champion Leon Edwards.

However, Paul's clash with Diaz in the cage appears to be a realistic contest given he initially offered his rival a two-fight deal as part of his plan to start in the PFL in 2024. The 'Problem Child' has regularly sought to be a disruptor in the current UFC model and has regularly criticised president Dana White over issues such as fighter pay.

In his previous address revealing he intends to launch a super-fight division; Paul has admitted he wants to put the fighters first in his takeover plan. He said: "Not only am I an MMA fighter now. I am also a co-founder of the new PFL PPV Super Fight division. As the head of fighter advocacy, I'm going to use my platform to market PFL fighters and introduce them to my fans worldwide.

"I personally, will be deeply involved in making sure the PFL is the best place in the world for fighters. As you guys know, I have been trying to increase fighter pay for all fighters worldwide. With the launch of this new PFL Super Fight division, our fighters will be receiving 50% of the revenue. Yes, you heard that correctly. A true 50/50 partnership with fighters that still allows them to be individual."

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