Conor McGregor reacts after UFC star Ian Garry predicts exact KO moment in fight win

 UFC rising star Ian Garry picked up his latest win last night at UFC on ABC 4 dispatching of Daniel Rodriguez in the opening round with a huge barrage of shots

Conor McGregor has claimed Ian Garry is the new 'Mystic Mac' after he predicted his first-round KO win over Daniel Rodriguez.

'The Future' made his return to the octagon on Saturday night as he continued his charge at 170lb with a statement win over fellow contender Rodriguez. Garry dominated from the opening bell and was able to close the show within the first period, landing a huge head kick which dropped his opponent, before he followed up with a barrage of punches.

His latest statement will put the rest of the division on alert as his win streak moved to twelve and his fifth in the UFC. Prior to his win, the rising star had incredibly predicted the exact outcome when asked how he would fare.

He said: "My fight IQ is so much greater than everybody else... I've already got the map in my head. Like, I can tell you how I'm gonna knock him out... right high-kick... If I knock him out with anything else, I didn't mean it. That's the only shot I want. That's the knockout I want."

And it was that combination that ended the contest, which saw him draw comparison to former two-weight champion McGregor who was branded 'Mystic Mac' during his career after making incredibly accurate predictions on his own fights. And the superstar included the meticulous prediction when posting a congratulations message to his friend and fellow countryman.

He tweeted: "When you call your shot and hit it, that’s special. The Shot Caller Club has a new entry, Ireland’s Ian 'The Future' Garry! #NotAScratch" Garry responded: "Get appointed to The Shot Caller Club." He then attached a picture of new merchandise with the new proclaimed club printed on the centre.

Garry's rise has already seen comparisons made to McGregor given his brash personality and radiant confidence which could carry him all the way to a UFC title shot. And having already started his journey into the top 15 of the division, Garry has now drawn out a six-fight road-map to success.

"Every fight from now on is going to be a massive fight against a ranked guy and I'm so excited for this," he said. "I will be so dominant in this fight that there will be no questions about how good I am. I hate when people say 'someone hasn't earned or deserved a title shot' or that their rise was because they got favourable match-ups.

"I hate seeing them say that to fighters because they've gone in there and done what they needed to do every single time. I never, ever want people to say that about me, so what I want to do is fight six guys in the top 15 before I get a title shot. I want to do two between 15 and 10, two between 10 and five and then two between five and one."

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