7 Deadliest Moves in the World of Martial Arts

 In the world of martial arts, the pan comes easy. You will see people starting their martial arts journey and giving up too soon just because they feel it’s too violent for them. On the contrary, you will see people everything a hard to adjust to the pain and the injuries. Even during the training session when there is no opponent involved, you will still get to see that injuries will become your constant partner. Skin rashes, redness, bruises, broken nails, hair loss, and much more will become constant. However, amidst all these issues if you take care of yourself you can not only beat all the injuries, but you will also get to see that you are performing much better. Progress is the only thing that will keep you going and it will then become easier for you to stay motivated. Even if you feel injuries are too much for you, you can still keep in mind that in the world of martial arts, the way you fight on the mat and in real life is very different.

When you fight on the mat, everything is controlled. You will know when to start and when to stop. When the opponent is too much there is always a mediator involved and even if not you can always back off. To make sure both parties and safe and they are not pushing it, both audience and mediators play a very significant role. However, in some areas, the tournament management also set the rules and fix some boundaries before the fighters’ stars. These boundaries and rules help with the process and let the fighters know which of the moves cannot be used. This is not just limited to some basics if you look at the overall progress o martial arts you will notice that fighting style has changed. This is not just limited to fighting styles and preferences but the association that handles the martial arts styles usually comes up with updated guidelines simply removing the deadly moves that can cause injury. This helps in making the game the same for both fighters on the mat.

With the help of this write-up, we aim to look at some of the most deadly moves in the world of martial arts. We will then also look at how these moves are important, why they were discarded, or whether are they still in practice. Finally, we will see what kind of damage can be done with these moves and if t are reversible.

Rear-Naked Choke

Rear naked choke is valid in the field of martial arts most people practice it as well. However, experts believe that with the right pressure and the right timing, this move can be completely weaponized into a piece of killing equipment. The basic idea is that the player stands behind his opponent and then with the help of his elbow and hands, he tries to choke the opponent. Since he is standing at the back, the opponent cannot see where to apply pressure and how badly it is tangled. Before they can see what’s going on and how to find an escape, it’s either too late or the damage has already been done. In most cases, this can lead to loss of consciousness, however in some cases when the hold is very light, this might not be as painful as most of us would like it to be.

Eye Gauge

Eye gauge is banned in several martial arts torment and style mainly because of the potential harm that is done and since he is a sensitive part of the body. In most cases, if you put too much pressure, it can rip the cornea out causing permanent damage. When not handled well, this can cause blindness and there is no way to recover. In short, t is a deadly move that is banned by almost all the tournaments and all the martial arts styles.

Elbow Strike on Neck

Elbow strikes are usually very dangerous and they can harm the person. If not handled properly, they can result in damaging the windpipe and affecting the food pipe as well. With such a sensitive and vital part of the body, you cannot take too much risk. With just one elbow strike at the wrong position, you might end up killing the opponent completely or causing some irreversible damage. A better way to cater to this issue is to avoid this move completely. This is the reason most companies end up banning this move completely and even worse some call it criminally dangerous.

Penetrating Heart Elbow

This is a kung fu move that usually attacks the chest area. In some cases, the opponent gets a hit directly to the chest region. The goal is to attack the lung or the heart. However, if you are unable to measure your body strength and the damage you can cause, you might end up potentially attacking the lungs and the heart of the opponent. This will cause permanent damage like puncturing the lung or reducing its capacity and in worse cases, it can stop the heart as well. For some people looking for control can be very challenging which is the reason most tournaments ban this move completely.

Flying Knee

The flying knee is a move used in muay Thai and it is potentially one of the most diversely used and yet most dangerous styles of attack. For this move, the fight gets to hold the opponent and then fold up the leg to bring up the knee. Usually the folded part of the knee land somewhere in the mid of the torso and depending on the location it can cause some real damage. However, in some cases, the knee folds hands on the chest area if the opponent is tall enough. This attack is not just based on location but also impacts the body of the opponent because the leg and knee are two of the strongest body parts. Also, the bone density of the leg is much higher.

Round Kick

Round kick in taekwondo is one of the most sought-after skill-based kicks. Most people love the idea of this kick so much that it become their favorite and they keep using that throughout as their signature move. However, there is no denying the fact that it is a very dangerous move. The way you uproot yourself and the way you make a complete circle while making sure you hit the opponent at the right spot is a little challenge. In most cases, the fighter loses a bit of control, while in others the fighter might end up kicking the opponent at the wrong location. Also, with a jumping and kicking technique, there is a high chance that you might end up missing the location and this will cause some real damage.

Liver Punch

Liver punch is generally a boxing move but it can also be used in other striking styles, especially in the case of Muay Thai, MMA, and BJJ. The biggest issue is that the liver punch holds all the power and directs it to the location of the liver. As a result, there is a high chance you will have a rupture of the liver and in a worst-case scenario, some nerves might get damaged. This is quite common and can cause serious and irreversible damage. Most people think that this punch is far too painful that it can fracture and rupture the liver. As a vital organ, you will be risking the life of your opponent by using this technique.

Why do You need To Know About Deadly Moves In Martial Arts?

Over the years most martial arts styles have evolved. You will notice that simple martial arts moves that were once popular either became outdated, obsolete or they were banned. The main reason is that when you get on the mat, it is more of the competitive side that you need to show and in the process you can pull a move that can destroy the opponent, their ability to move, or their body in any way. For most people, this means that when they cannot use it on the mat, they might as well abandon it completely. However, experts believe that it is much better to know about these moves, practice them, and then use them during street fights. Especially for women who feel stuck in a place or a surprising situation, these deadly moves can save their lives.

Bottom Line

In the martial arts world, moves that have the potential to kill or cause permanent damage are usually banned right away. However, there are a few moves that might not have the potential to kill someone but when they are used effectively they can damage the opponent permanently. Experts in the field believe that each tournament has different rules based on how much medical assistance they can provide, where the tournament is held and how old is the tournament. Usually, when the tournament is held in Asian countries, socially Thailand, where people are already familiar with bloody martial arts styles like Muay Thai, this is pretty common. Also, you will notice that some tournaments try to make the game so safe for the players that they ban variations of the same move so they can avoid any possible accident.


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