At any given moment in Kyokushin karate contest or any other championship, you could be presented with series of puzzles and riddles you don’t have the answers to. That’s the nature of the beast, of course. On the other side, it is also one of the reasons why Martial arts like Kyokushin karate are so engaging. At any point of your Martial way, failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Consequently, mastering the following basic Kyokushin karate techniques could be vital to your success.

1) The Low Kick

A low kick is very common in Kyokushin karate, just like a jab in boxing, almost all the Kyokushin karate techniques work properly when combined with a low kick. Kyokushin karate low kick comes in many different forms, and each serves alternative purposes. To put it simple, the low kick is one of the most important fundamentals in Kyokushin karate and one that you should look to master as soon as possible. Whether you are competing or not, if you cannot defend against low kicks, you are in deep trouble.

2) The Roundhouse Kick (Mawashi Geri)

If you’ve been thinking about learning Kyokushin karate techniques, the roundhouse kick is undoubtedly one of the most devastating.

Without the ability to throw a solid roundhouse kick, you’re at a disadvantage on a tatami(mat) and the chances of you knowing how to defend a roundhouse kick without launching one is pretty low. From a technical point of view, you will not have the same understanding of the execution of throwing a roundhouse kick, thus giving your opponent free rein to pepper or belt you with punishing hits.

3) upper cut (Shita Zuki)

The upper cut is one of the Kyokushin karate technique that will make you quit your martial arts journey and resort to football lol.

4) Rolling spinning kick (kaiten mawashi do)

Kaiten is often used to suggest a kick delivered during some form of rolling motion. this type of kick is extremely powerful and therefore dangerous. For the most part these powerful kicks target the head which may lead to serious head injury or a potentially life-threatening condition. If you are ever struck with one of these kicks you should immediately seek medical consultation. 

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