Home Training Equipment Martial Artists Should Have

 Many martial artists train on their own at home to maximize their growth. Yes, you learn countless techniques at the dojo, but you don’t always have the time to practice all you’ve learned to perfection while at the gym. 

Having training equipment at home also comes in handy on days you might not be able to make it to the gym. Instead of such days being a total waste, you get to practice some of your moves and improve your form. 


Essential Training Equipment Martial Artists Should Have In Their Home Gym

If you’re serious about growing to your full potential as a martial artist, some of the equipment you should add to your home gym include: 

  • Body opponent bags (BOB)
  • Heavy bags 
  • Double-ended striking bag 
  • Speed bags 
  • Jump ropes 
  • Medicine balls 
  • Thai pads 
  • Hand weights 
  • Ab wheels or sliders 
  • Sleds or prowlers 
  • Grappling/wrestling dummy
  • Kettlebells
  • Reflex bags
  • Free weights
  • Makiwara

Let’s take a more detailed look at each of the above-listed equipment: 


1) Body Opponent Bags (BOB)

These are designed to give you a realistic feeling when training as they imitate the shape of an actual human body. Wailing on a BOB is an excellent way to train your techniques and practice your moves on something that feels more lifelike than a traditional punching bag. Additionally, you get to work on your accuracy as you aim for specific target areas on the BOB.


2) Heavy Bags

Heavy bags are great for developing your power as they offer more resistance than most other types of punching bags. While you can use heavy bags to practice a wide range of techniques, they’re particularly useful for working on your uppercuts, hooks, and body shots. 


3) Double-Ended Striking Bag

This type of training bag is suspended from the ceiling and has two balls at each end connected by a long cord or chain. The double-ended striking bag is ideal for developing speed, timing, and accuracy as it requires you to react quickly to hit the ball at one end before it swings back and hits the ball at the other end. 


4) Speed Bags

Speed bags help improve your hand-eye coordination as you have to time your punches perfectly to make the bag swing back and forth in a consistent rhythm. Additionally, speed bags are excellent for developing speed and power in your punches as you have to hit the bag with a lot of force to make it swing.


5) Jump Ropes

Jump ropes are a great way to warm up before training or competing as they get your heart rate up and loosen up your muscles. Additionally, jump ropes are an excellent cardio workout and can help you develop endurance, stamina, and agility. 


6) Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are great for a full-body workout as you can use them for various exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, squats, and lunges. Additionally, medicine balls are excellent for developing explosive power as you have to generate a lot of force to throw them around. 


7) Thai Pads

Thai pads are worn on the arms and legs to absorb the impact of your partner’s punches and kicks. Training with Thai pads is an excellent way to develop power, speed, and accuracy in your strikes and improve your stamina and endurance. 


8) Hand Weights

Hand weights are great for strength training and can be used for a variety of exercises such as curls, presses, rows, and extensions. Additionally, hand weights help develop explosiveness in your punches and kicks as you have to generate a lot of force to lift them. Throw your punches with as much snap as possible to maximize the benefits of training with hand weights. 


9) Ab Wheels Or Sliders

Ab wheels or sliders are excellent for developing core strength and can be used for a variety of exercises such as crunches, sit-ups, and leg raises. Additionally, ab wheels or sliders help improve your balance and stability as you have to keep your body in a straight line while rolling the wheel or slider back and forth. 


10) Sleds Or Prowlers

Sleds or prowlers are great for conditioning as they help develop endurance, stamina, and strength. Additionally, sleds or prowlers help improve your speed and agility as you must move quickly to push them across the floor. Consider getting a sled if you have enough space in your home to accommodate one. That includes your backyard. 


11) Grappling/Wrestling Dummy

A grappling or wrestling dummy is a great training tool for martial artists who want to work on their ground game. This dummy type is designed to imitate the human body, making it an excellent training partner for practicing takedowns, throws, and submissions. Additionally, grappling or wrestling dummies help improve your strength, stamina, and endurance as you have to use a lot of force to move them around. 


12) Kettlebells

Kettlebells are great for full-body workouts as they can be used for various exercises such as squats, presses, rows, and curls. Additionally, kettlebells help develop explosive power when you perform your reps explosively.  


13) Reflex Bag

A reflex bag is a small, hanging bag filled with sand or other materials. This type of bag is excellent for developing hand-eye coordination as you have to time your punches perfectly to hit the bag and make it swing. Additionally, reflex bags help improve your speed and accuracy as you have to react quickly to hit the moving target. 


14) Free Weights

Free weights are great for strength training and can be used for a variety of exercises such as squats, presses, rows, and curls. Additionally, free weights help develop explosiveness in your punches and kicks as they help to increase muscle mass and explosiveness.  


15) Makiwara

A makiwara board is a traditional Japanese tool used for striking practice by Karateka. It helps develop power, speed, and accuracy in your punches and kicks as you have to focus on hitting the target perfectly. Additionally, a makiwara conditions your hands since it is not as soft as a punching bag. 

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